A Christmas message to say that no matter how bad things may get, to never, ever, ever, lose hope.

There’s a massive dose of melancholy in this finely crafted and beautifully performed song, ‘Grey season rain…’ by Emma Caiman

Feeling lonely, feeling sad, She cried in the moonlight. Driven by a world gone mad She took flight Feel no sorrow, feel no pain, Feel no hurt, there’s nothing gained… Only love will then remain, She would say. Shadow of the Moon…

I wrote this song in memory of my mother, using one of her poems as the lyric.

Hoy, 29 de noviembre del 2013 quiero rendir un homenaje a alguien que ya es parte de la leyenda musical de nuestra época, ni puedo ni sé hacer una canción que esté a su altura, solo trato de mostrar mi admiración y mis sentimientos con lo único que tengo para expresarme: la música. Hasta siempre Lou.

You’ve really got to love someone to let them kill themselves. Nuf Said!

Dark River (from Cerberus) by Trent Miller & The Skeleton Jive

Roots folk with shades of gothic darkness